About Me

Just a twenty something midwest city kid who’s curious about the world around her…

Deidre Gadsden grew up in Cleveland, OH, as a nosy, sports-loving tomboy who could always be found with a pen and pad in hand no matter where she was. A writer who loves the city, she started this website as an outlet to talk about her thoughts, observations, feelings and life experiences in the city.

Urban Studies was her favorite subject in college, so it’s only natural that she would want to write about the issues affecting the city, especially urban education (K-16 and beyond), economic development, urban planning, and just the urban landscape in general. She is interested in how Generation Y/Millennials will live their lives in the city, so she is fascinated by labor market data & other economics research in relation to jobs/careers, as well as issues such as affordable housing, quality education for the next generation and transit development/planning.

More than anything, she just loves to write, about places and how they impact our everyday lives, how we view the world around us.

Always a strong advocate of higher education, Deidre is a first generation college graduate of Cleveland State University (December 2010), where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She is a resident of Cleveland (city proper) with her husband and son. 

-A Midwest City Kid

  1. Theodore Craighead

    I stumbled across this blog and love it. All the municipalities in Cuyahoga county must unite to form a Super Cleveland. It can only bring good things !!

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